WuHan Institute of Technology Website

WuHan Institute of Technology (WHIT) is approved by the Hubei Municipal Government. It is also accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China. WHIT is located in 463 Guan Shan 1st Street, WuHan City, HuBei Province of China. The total area of the school is 199.65 acres, if including the school campus, it is approximately 46, 8762 square meters (5,045,707.2918 square feet). There are 83 advanced laboratories with 10000 sets of teaching equipment, and 2914 computers.

WHIT offers 8 colleges in Information System, Mechanism, Computer Science, Foreign Language, Business, Fashion, Aviation, and International. WHIT also offers Architectural, Art and Design, Social, Bio Engineer, and Continue Study department with total 46 professional programs. At present, there are total 1202 employee and 18815 students in WHIT.