StepTechInc. Website

Established in 1990, StepTech, a member of the FIC Group, devoted in IT system integration field for over 15 years. StepTech is also a Silver Certification Partner of Cisco in both Taiwan and China area. StepTech is now held in high regard as a key player in the network solutions market, with many large-scale network implementation projects in its portfolio. Since 1998, StepTech has been actively engaged in the research and development of embedded systems. These activities resulted in the launch of the world's first embedded server, the i-chip NetStation, under the brand name of STEP. This revolutionary technology is now patented in US, China and Taiwan. To-date, the i-chip NetStation has been installed in over 1200 schools around the country, making StepTech as the biggest network solutions provider for the Taiwanese education field.