ShenYang Institute of Technology Website

ShenYang Institute of Technology (SIT) is approved by both the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China and the Ministry of Liaoling Municipal Government. It belongs to the Ministry of Liaoling Municipal Government of China. SIT is located in 36 Shan Lin Road, ShenYang City, Liao Ling Province of China. The total area of the school is 22,300 square meters (240, 034.97 square feet). The area of the actual school campus is approximately 12, 300 square meters (132,395.97 square feet). Its current fixed capital worths 2 billion RMB. SIT offers 50 programs in mechanism, electrical, car, Information System, Recreation, Trade, Management, and Applied Arts in its five colleges. At present, there are 500 faculties, 300 staffs and 12000 students in SIT.