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16th to 21st DEC 04
Game Design, Project Management and Animation etc. Seminars
by Mike Swanson
IEMC and Taiwan Digital Content Institute, Taiwan government organization, invited Mike Swanson to several seminars on Game Design, Project Management for Games, and Animation topics. The seminars were held in:
  1. Digital Contents Institute of Nan Gang Campus on Dec. 14;
  2. SIGGRAPH Taiwan of Taiwan Fine Art University on Dec. 16;
  3. Chih Lee Technology Colleges on Dec. 17;
  4. Cultural University on Dec.18;
  5. Dong Wu University on Dec. 20; and
  6. TOKO University on Dec. 21.
Six seminars gathered more than six hundred people and audiences were satisfied and had chance to interact with Mike, also shared his industrial experiences passionately, and his personal view on produce game and game design.