Part-time faculty Requirements

Position Summary:

Instruct and facilitate meaningful learning in the course competencies in the curriculum and proactively support all facets of the learning environment. Provide career education through learner-centered instruction that will enable graduates to fulfill the evolving needs of the marketplace. Encourage a culture of learning that values mutual responsibility, life-long learning, diversity, and ethics as well as personal and professional development. Key Job Elements:
  1. Provides competency-based education
  2. Designs class instruction
  3. Enables student exit competencies
  4. Delivers learner-centered instruction
  5. Encourages student success
  6. Manages the classroom environment
  7. Contributes to a culture of learning
  8. Relates industry experience to learning Organizational Relationships: Reports to: Academic Department Director, Dean of the School of, or Dean of Education Collaborates with: Curriculum Task Forces Other institute functional areas Education Department
Position Requirements:
  • Provides instructions which create the opportunities for the students to achieve outcomes
  • Integrates career-focused education into course materials.
  • Designs class instruction syllabus/lesson plans, and classroom assessment
  • Develops instructional plans to meet course competencies
  • Develops activities which support lesson objectives
  • Provides instruction which fosters studentsí achievements of identified exit competencies
  • Establishes students performance criteria and evaluations based on exit competencies
  • Delivers learner-centered instruction active learning
  • Establishes a classroom environment conducive to collaborative learning and active student involvement
  • Encourages students successful completion
  • Identifies resources to direct students
  • Helps students solve problems that may impede successful program completion through advising, assisting, and/or referring students on academic or personal matters
  • Participates in student persistence activities
  • Manages the classroom environment external/internal audits
  • Keeps accurate records
  • Submits grades and other reports on time
  • Enforces institute academic and attendance policies
  • Contributes to a culture of learning personal development service
  • Holds or works toward appropriate levels of academic credentials
  • Develops professional and technical skills
  • Participates on curriculum task forces as needed
  • Participates on system task forces as needed
  • Participates in institute events as needed
  • Serves as a member on institute task forces and committees as needed
  • Contributes in institutional governance
  • Participates in faculty development processes
  • Continues to develop technical skills
  • Maintains computer literacy
  • Introduces industry prospective into course materials
  • Maintains active awareness of market place
Qualified candidates should possess significant experience in the game/animation/film industry and/or relevant teaching experience (i.e., minimum of 2 year industry experience with at least one published/shipped title; or minimum of 2 year teaching experience at college level). Successful candidates must have proper education background in the respective subject areas. Master's degree preferred and Bachelor's degree required.

How To Apply
Please mail cover letter, a hard copy of your current resume, curriculum vitae, demo reel (DVD or CD format), a signed submission release form (downloadable PDF from our website), and an unofficial copy of the transcript showing your highest degree indicating job position to both:

Email: and

Mail: IEMC
Innovative Education Management & Consulting Ltd.

Att: HR - IEMC Faculty #5515-8181 Cambie Rd. Richmond, B.C. Canada V6X 3X9

Only complete packages will be considered. If invited to interview, official transcripts for all degrees and three letters of reference will be requested.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all candidates in advance. Only candidates who match our current criteria will be contacted.