Innovative Education Management & Consulting Ltd.

Founded in 1998, IEMC is a quality education provider that is committed to prepare learners with knowledge and skills that are the most relevant and applicable in todayís Applied Arts and Business industries. IEMC is creating a new educational trend in the Asian-Pacific region by integrating advanced North American education with local resources. IEMC sets its ultimate goal at becoming one of the global leading providers of quality educational services.


Through the integration of innovative North American curriculum and teachings with Asia Pacific local resources, IEMC provides excellent education that will effectively equip the learners with the most appropriate and applicable skills and knowledge in the industry. We offer masterís, bachelorís degrees, and non-degree certificate, diploma programs: a comprehensive set of choices for all learners. We are acquainted with the proficiency of keeping our curriculums synchronized with the constantly varying industry trends and necessities.


IEMC aims at becoming one of the global leading education providers specialized in applied arts and business management. To achieve this ambition, IEMC will:
  1. collaborate with globally acclaimed Universities to bring their undergraduate and graduate programs into the Asia Pacific region.

  2. capitalize on Informational technology by injecting internet based education (Online/Distant Learning) to break the learnersí limitations on time and location.

  3. design a set of programs that best suit the concurrent industrial trend.

  4. create its own network of colleges in the Asia Pacific region.